Expats ‘looking to the Far East’

Published on: 18/12/2007

The Far East is a highly popular destination for expat workers because of the more relaxed lifestyles on offer, Expat Network has said.

The firm has noted that while the likes of the Middle East typically offered higher wages, the Far East was more attractive for other reasons.

Overseas property investors may find more success in such markets too, Expat Network implied, as most workers in the Far East are forced to look for accommodation themselves.

“Most people would rather work in the Far East than most other places; Malaysia, Indonesia,” said editor and director Sheila Hare.

“The alternative for people that we deal with, mostly contracting engineers, is the Middle East, which is where most of the work is.

“But thats quite hard; in the Far East everything is very relaxed, the wages might not be as good but the lifestyle is better. Also, probably the benefits in a Far East contract are better,” Ms Hare concluded.


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