Home buyers ‘take their time with decisions’

Published on: 29/08/2007

The Ombudsman for Estate Agents (OEA) has said that recent research suggesting that Britons make snap judgements when it comes to choosing their new homes does not apply across the board.

ING Direct asserted last week that the average purchase decision was made in just 17 minutes, but the OEA has said that there is likely to have been a lot of groundwork done beforehand.

People who have given the matter some thought and who go to view a property with a good idea of their ideal home are therefore better equipped to decide there and then, OEA chief operating officer Bill McClintock has said.

“People might make a quick decision but I don’t think they make a quick decision unless they have done a lot of work beforehand, to work out the sort of property they really want,” Mr McClintock asserted.

“If people have done the proper research, they know the area they want to be in, and they know the price range they want to be in, then it’s not difficult to make the decision when the right house comes along,” he added.

But Mr McClintock added that the changing face of the UK property market was now making it less necessary for buyers to make hurried decisions.


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