Halifax issues winter weather warning

Published on: 01/11/2007

Halifax Home Insurance is warning homeowners to windproof their homes before the ravages of winter take hold.

With severe storms and strong winds predicted to hit the UK during November, the bank is advising property owners to give their home a winter health-check.

“Winter is the time when we retreat to the warmth and safety of our homes, but before doing so there are some essential checks that need to be carried out,” said Vicky Emmott from Halifax Home Insurance.

“With home emergencies, prevention is certainly better than the cure, and many claims could be avoided if householders spent a small amount of time preparing for the coming bad weather.”

Halifax dealt with over 18,000 weather-related insurance claims last year, with an average claim of over 1,000.

A total of 18 million was claimed.

The worst affected area in the country, according to the insurer, was Glasgow.

Some 2,658 claims emanated from Scotland’s second city, with an average cost of 1,175.

This was well ahead of all other cities, with Manchester coming in second and making 795 claims.

In order to help homeowners avoid making a claim Halifax is offering the following advice.

Outside the home

# Check the roof for cracked or broken tiles and employ professionals to repair any damage.

# Clear drainpipes and gutters to avoid flooding.

# Check light fittings are secure, along with gates and outbuilding doors.

Inside the home

# Have the boiler serviced once a year by a CORGI certified professional.

# Check the loft is both insulated and ventilated.

# Ensure the thermostat is set to at least ten degrees to avoid pipes freezing.

These few simple steps could save homeowners thousands of pounds and massive inconvenience over winter.


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