Cost is major factor preventing eco-improvement

Published on: 08/11/2007

The cost of environmental improvements to property is proving a major deterrent to UK homeowners looking to upgrade their homes.

While many Brits support the government’s eco-initiative for zero-carbon homes, a large number are put of by the potential cost, according to research released Norwich and Peterborough Building Society (N&P).

When asked if they were to build their own home would they incorporate eco-friendly features, 81 per cent of respondents said they would.

However, of the 19 per cent who claimed they would not look to include eco features, such as solar panels, a wind turbine or ground source heat pumps, 46 per cent said cost was the main deterrent.

Other reasons for not including eco features ranged from a belief they would make no difference (19 per cent), lack of understanding about how they worked (17 per cent), or a desire to live in a traditional property (six per cent).

The research was carried out by N&P as the organisation prepares to launch its sixth annual Eco Self-Build competition.

“Although it is encouraging people are happy to back the governments zero-carbon homes commitment, its sad to see that theyre not so keen to make a difference using their own properties,” said Richard Lloyd, one of the judges for N&Ps Eco Self-Build competition.

“Although adding green features to your home may seem like additional cost, you need to remember that you can make a difference with simple, relatively cheap methods such as energy-saving light bulbs or improving insulation.”

However, there was widespread support for the government’s eco-towns policy.

Up to 89 per cent of respondents agreed with the government’s policy of making all new houses carbon neutral by 2016.


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